gumi Asia pte ltd

2019-Present Senior UI Artist
2016-2019 UI Artist

Game Website | Game is published by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD | Developed by gumi Inc.

UI: Web/Mobile Apps

vinova pte ltd
2015 Various Projects as Game Artist

Others: Personal Game Projects / UI

Freelance Commissions @vallee.art

/ Digital Illustrations
/ Character Design & Sheets
/ Twitch Assets
/ Animated/Static Emotes
/ Live2D Rigs (wip)
/ Stickers

Product Photography / Photo Editing

stickr.sg/store/vallee-art (retired)
2019-2021 e-commerce sticker shop
Article Features:
mustsharenews / thesmartlocal

Some of the many released icons/assets I've created for the project,
and a sample UI chart for one of the released features.

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An artist from tiny island Singapore, Valentina grew up drawing and playing
video games, which then discovered her passion for digital painting.
Prior to discovering digital media, she had received education in the traditional
arts, where she had had experience in acrylic/oil painting, batik painting,
Chinese calligraphy and ceramic sculpting.
-After graduating from NYP School of Interactive & Digital Media
(now known as School of Design & Media),
she started her career as game artist in Vinova, a mobile app development studio.
As the sole artist in the studio, she wore many hats in the small team.
She is responsible for the development of characters & environments,
animations, and user interface (UI) for the game projects.
Outside of games, she was also involved in many client projects
to develop brand mobile apps and websites.
-In her current role as a Senior UI Artist at gumi Asia pte ltd,
she is responsible for the localization and creation of the
global UI assets implemented for the free-to-play mobile role-playing game--
Managing a small team, her role also includes allocation of tasks and
mentoring fellow UI artists in ensuring assets are of accuracy and quality.
-In her free time, Valentina continues her craft and regularly showcases her
art on her Instagram (@vallee.art), taking up various personal
commission requests to improve on her skills and expertise.